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Flexcon 4840 Nestable Pallet » 

The Flexcon 4840N is a nestable pallet that features a solid deck. These lightweight pallets are ideal for use in warehouses, distribution centers, closed loop transport, floor storage, and automated material handling systems. Itís nestable feature saves space and reduces freight costs making it ideal for general material handling. The 4840N is 4 way forkliftable and can be offered in a 3-Runner version to make it stackable as well.

  Flexcon 4840N Nestable Pallet

plastic pallet
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 Flexcon 4840N Solid Deck Nestable
  Length 48"
  Width 40"
  Height 5.5"
  Load Capacity One Way Version
2100 LBS
8400 LBS
  Load Capacity Multi Use Version
2800 LBS
11000 LBS
Fork Truck Entry 9475680
  * Additional versions available with snap on runners.
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